Goldman, Evans & Trammell LLC

Bonded, Licensed, Insured and Proud Members of the IACC

"Business to Business" Debt Recovery
& Accounts Receivables Management

Performance Based – We only get paid if we succeed in collecting your money. There are no up–front costs or hidden fees. Hiring GET means you do not have to throw any ‘good money after bad’. If we do not collect, we do not get paid.

– You will be continually updated on our progress. When we asked decision makers of companies what bothered them the most about the agencies they had used in the past, the most common complaint was of a feeling that they had been “left in the dark” about their claims. With GET you do not have to wonder if your account is being worked or what is happening with the claim. Instead, you will feel good knowing we are working hard and diligently on your behalf. We will contact you within one week of placement to inform you of our initial progress and continually update you, either by phone, e-mail or fax (your decision) on our efforts.   



Professional, Ethical & Experienced – GET is a reputable, licensed & bonded company that believes in long term relationships based on hard, honest work. Members of our staff have a collection of experience dating back over 20 years. We realize the best result of most collection efforts is to affect payment and resurrect the client/customer relationship. This is achieved through professional, thorough and diligent collection techniques utilizing the most modern technical services available. Additonally, GET is a proud member of the IACC (International Association of Commercial Collectors).  Our continued membership in the IACC represents our dedication to provide quality service and follow high ethical standards. To be granted and maintain membership in the IACC, an agency must abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics and bonding requirements.

Customized Approaches – YOU can decide how aggressively we approach your debtor. While some accounts should be worked with a full hard–core collection effort, others should be worked with a softer approach designed to restore the relationship. Yet still others should be worked in our ‘Audit Approach’, in which the customer is made to feel they are assisting in clearing up our client’s books, therefore assuring the possibility of future business and avoiding embarrassment. Simply review these approaches with your sales executive and decide how you wish for your individual claims to be handled.

Domestically Or Internationally GET has operatives in literally every city in the United States. Additionally, GET can collect through-out the world. Whether the case calls for a private investigator to physically visit a debtor in Maine to California, or you need an attorney in Alaska to Florida, or your debtor is in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Africa or the Middle East GET is the solution.

GET Always Works In The Best Interest Of Our Client – Some agencies take the easy route; by either only working the least difficult collection accounts and recommending the rest be forwarded to litigation, or by quickly accepting any settlement arrangement the debtor may offer. Neither is in the creditor’s best interest. GET promises to work each and every account placed with us diligently; we simply do not look at your claims as inventory to ‘pass through the systemÀ. Likewise, not only will we NEVER accept a settlement offer without your prior approval, we will always demand payment in full and explain to the debtor we have no desire to entertain bringing unwarranted settlement offers to our client.